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Saudi Arabia Family Fun Tour: Day 1 - AlUla's Ancient Wonders Unveiled

Updated: Dec 21, 2023

Embarking on the Saudi Arabia Family Fun Tour with Debra, Cailey, and my mom has already proven to be a remarkable adventure. From our departure from NEOM to the enchanting drive to AlUla, unfolded as a day of discovery, surrounded by the breathtaking beauty of the Saudi Arabian landscape. From encounters with camels and donkeys to the exploration of ancient rock formations and inscriptions, our journey through AlUla was nothing short of incredible.

Our journey to AlUla was a picturesque drive that showcased the diverse and stunning landscapes of Saudi Arabia. The road was adorned with the occasional companionship of camels and donkeys, setting the tone for the authentic experience that awaited us. AlUla welcomed us with open arms, offering encounters with the majestic camels and charming donkeys that are integral to the region's charm. As we ventured further, we discovered the magic of ancient rock formations and inscriptions, each telling a story of AlUla's rich history as a market city on the historic incense route.

Nestled in the Medina province of northwestern Saudi Arabia, AlUla is not just a destination; it's a living testament to the crossroads of civilizations. The ancient oasis city thrived as a market hub, connecting India and the Gulf to the Levant and Europe through the historic incense route. Our exploration unveiled a treasure trove of well-preserved stone inscriptions, showcasing the development of the Arabic language, and a concentration of rock dwellings and tombs dating back to the Nabatean and Dedanite periods.

AlUla's allure extends beyond its historical significance to its breathtaking natural beauty. The landscape, adorned with striking rocks, deep canyons, and winding wadis, created a mesmerizing backdrop for our journey. Every turn revealed a new facet of the region's charm, offering endless opportunities for exploration and appreciation of Saudi Arabia's diverse geography.

We are staying at the Sahary ALULA Resort. It is nestled in a desert valley lined with dramatic sandstone rock formations. It has a superb feeling of remoteness while enjoying magnificent luxury amidst the great historical masterpiece of a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Set among majestic desert landscape, the Sahary AlUla Resort’s village-like layout comprises a series of traditional mudbrick-style buildings and two long avenues lined with individual bungalows. Each decorated in colourful Arabic styling, and features its own furnished terrace to sit, relax and soak up the scenic views.

How do you end a perfect day?

Shadow art in the desert canyons.

So much fun!

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