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Saudi Arabia Family Fun Tour: Day 3 - From Oasis Towns to Coastal Charms

Day 3 of our Saudi Arabia Family Fun Tour unfolded as a captivating exploration of the Red Sea Coast, a journey that led us from the oasis town of Shaghab to the historical fishing town of Duba. The day was marked by encounters with camels, glimpses into the rich history of the region, and a tour through the old town of Duba and its impressive fort.

Leaving AlUla behind, we embarked on a Red Sea Coast road trip, first stopping at the small oasis town of Shaghab. Oasis towns, with their abundance of water, provide a stark contrast to the surrounding desert. Here, amidst farms and herding facilities, we had the pleasure of meeting several camels, adding a touch of enchantment to our journey.

Our next destination was the fishing town of Duba, known as The Pearl of the Red Sea. Steeped in history, Duba dates back to ancient times, with references dating as far back as 1203. Historically part of Madian and mentioned in Islamic scriptures, Duba played a significant role in the trade routes connecting Kafafah to Lihyan.

As we explored Duba, we delved into its rich history. The city is mentioned in Islamic scriptures, particularly in connection with Prophet Moussa's settlement in Madian. The Ottoman Turks fortified the city, establishing a strategic route from Egypt to Arabia. Following the Arab Revolt, Duba came under Saudi control in 1933, and King Abdulaziz built his castle there the same year.

A highlight of our day was a tour through the old town of Duba, where tightly packed streets and historical buildings revealed the town's centuries-old charm. The Duba Fort, a testament to the city's historical significance, stood as a guardian of the route from Egypt to Arabia. Our exploration allowed us to step back in time, appreciating the architectural and cultural heritage that Duba has preserved.

Day 3 of our Saudi Arabia Family Fun Tour was a delightful blend of oasis encounters, historical revelations, and coastal charm. From the refreshing stopover in Shaghab to the exploration of Duba's rich history and landmarks and lots of camels, the day offered a glimpse into the diverse landscapes and cultural tapestry of the Red Sea Coast. As we bid farewell to Duba, our anticipation grows for the next chapter in our family adventure through the captivating landscapes of Saudi Arabia. Stay tuned for more discoveries in the days to come!

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