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Saudi Arabia Family Fun Tour: Day Four - Mystical Springs and Archaeological Wonders

Day Four of our Saudi Arabia Family Fun Tour was nothing short of magical, as we explored the enchanting city of Maqna and its hidden treasures. From the Springs of Moses to the archaeological wonders of Nabatean tombs, our day was filled with awe-inspiring natural features and rich historical insights. Join us on this incredible journey through Maqna, where each step unveiled a new layer of beauty and history.

Our day began at the Springs of Moses, a site where water miraculously flows against gravity in the heart of the desert. Legend has it that Moses himself came to drink from these springs after crossing the Red Sea and arriving in Maqna. The crystal-clear water, pouring out of the ground in several places, created a scene that seemed nothing less than magical. We had the pleasure of meeting friendly locals who shared the excitement of this experience with us, creating lasting memories.

Just beyond the Springs of Moses lies one of the region's most significant archaeological sites. The surface of the site is adorned with pottery shards of various shapes and sizes, some classified as Nabatean pottery. Glass vessels excavated on the site provide a glimpse into the historical timeline, dating between the Nabatean period and the early Islamic era. The site, still active for excavations, features open dig sites, labeling centers, and catalog buildings.

Our journey continued to Wadi Tayib Al Ism, believed to be the site where Moses led the people out of Egypt through the Red Sea, reaching the land of Madyan. Also known as The Valley of Moses, this natural wonder features turquoise waters, white beaches, and a 600-meter-high granite massif. We walked through this magical canyon, enjoyed a picnic at one of the oasis sites, and marveled at the beauty created by nature.

Our exploration took us to the Well of Moses, a historical site where Moses is said to have rolled away the stone to draw water for the flocks of Jethro’s daughters. The well, carved into the rock, stands as a testament to centuries of history and communal life. Nearby, the caves known as "Magha’ir Shu’ayb" revealed Nabatean tombs, resembling the artistic tombs found in Madain Saleh and Petra.

We concluded our busy day with a visit to the caves of Jethro, modern archaeologists identify as 1st-century AD Nabatean tombs. This collection of hidden gems, reminiscent of the tombs in Madain Saleh and Petra, adds another layer to the historical tapestry of Saudi Arabia.

After a day filled with exploration and discovery, we retreated to the tranquility of our accommodations. The evening was spent by the pool, enjoying a great dinner, and engaging in recreational activities, creating a perfect end to an eventful day.

As we reflected on the day's adventures, the overarching feeling was one of gratitude for the unique opportunity to experience these wonders with three generations together. Family time, enriched by the beauty of Maqna, became a cherished memory etched in our hearts. Stay tuned for more discoveries as our Saudi Arabia Family Fun Tour continues!

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